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Pali Kashi
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Pali Kashi

Pali Kashi "Monkolith," 2013
All works made for Totem
8 x 10.5"
soft bound, perfect binding
49 pages, full color
staple-bound insert with text
hand-numbered edition of 100

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Pali Kashi
Pali Kashi
Pali Kashi
Pali Kashi
Pali Kashi

Pali Kashi's paintings explore "memories of land" from photographs of majestic landscapes, found in bookstore basements or taken on personal pilgrimages. The source material--high-contrast photographs of mountains, forests, caves, primitive dwellings, and ocean vistas--is inflated in scale, transferred, distorted and ultimately transformed into striking new terrains. Her paintings are saturated in vibrant colors, often creating powerful spaces where natural color designations are inverted. Pali Kashi's work offers glimpses of an infinite and expanding worldview where time and space are bended at will.

Pali Kashi lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BFA in painting from RISD in 2001. Pali Kashi has exhibited in Benevento, Italy and Delhi, India; as well as at CRG Gallery, New York; Kinz and Tillou Fine Art, New York; Marcus Ritter Gallery, New York; Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery, Brooklyn; Charlie Horse Gallery, Brooklyn; New Langton Arts, San Francisco; and Sharon Art Center, New Hampshire.

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